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Hello and welcome to my blog site kindness 2the soul. What is my blog going to be about, and who and what is kindness 2the soul? 

Firstly I like to tell you about the seven deadly sin and the seven heavenly virtues. 
The Seven deadly sins are:

  • Pride: which is an excessive belief in one own abilities.
  • Envy: which is wanting want others have be it status abilities, or possessions.
  • Gluttony: which is the desire to eat or consume more than you require. 
  •  Lust: which is a powerful craving for such as sex, power and money.
  • Anger: which is the loss of rational self-control and the desire to harm others.
  • Greed: which is the desire for material wealth or gain.                                                               
  • Sloth: which is laziness and avoidance of work.

The seven heavenly virtues which are specific opposites to the seven deadly sins: Humility against pride, Kindness against envy, Abstinence against gluttony, Chastity against lust, Patience against anger, Liberality against greed, Diligence against sloth.
Humility: which is modest behaviour, selflessness, and the giving of respect. Giving credit where credit is due; not unfairly glorifying ones own self.
Kindness: – charity, compassion, friendship and sympathy. Without prejudice and for its own sake.

  • Abstinence: – constant mindfulness of others and ones surrounding; practicing self-control, abstention, and moderation. Chastity: -courage and boldness.
  • Embracing of moral wholesomeness and achieving purity of thought through education and betterment.
  • Patience: – Forbearance and endurance through moderation. Resolving conflicts peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. The ability to forgive; to show mercy to sinners.
  •  Liberality: – generosity. Willingness to give. A nobility of thought or actions.
  • Diligence: – a zealous and careful nature in ones actions and work. Decisive work ethic. Budgeting ones time; monitoring ones own activities to guard against laziness.

Why have I mention about the seven deadly sins and the seven heaven virtues? It’s because we have or are one or more of these sins and virtues.  

I can be a very envy person, this not mean I’m a bad person, but doesn’t mean it good either.  

If I use my envy for good for example I may see someone really good at ballet and instead of feeling bad envy, and wanting to hate that person, I would use it for good by recognise, yes they good and why not I have a go myself I I’m able. 

kindness 2the soul is about being kind to others and to also yourself even though you don’t get envy of your own self. But it good that your kind to your own self too.  
We all have soul, a purpose, a dream, a memory, and a life to live.
Come and follow me on this journey and find way in being a better you and help those around you.  

These are topics I will be doing  

The lost soul: bereavement, divorce, separate, moving on.

Beautiful soul: alternative therapy, beauty and much more.                                                 

Working the soul Health lifestyle and fitness, exercise, and much more                                          

And more topics to come. 

Thanks for read.

Take care all. 



A poem. 

We lay you down to rest

For all of your eternity

Our goodbye was never our best

For all of our time we shall live

We be together one day

For we will go when our time is near

Our hello was what we like to say

For we will go when our time is here

We will see you one day

Our goodbye was our last

Our words were not forgotten

For we will leave the past

For we will not forget

As when are times comes

We will lay down to rest

For all our eternity

Hobby challenge 

This is something anyone could do for your own “me time”

Take up the one month hobby challenge, so what does this considered of: you, a hobby, you can like it, or something you never done before. Example knitting (I never done it, but so many generation young and old, I have see doing knitting) next you need the resources, don’t go to crazy in buying lots on knitting stuff, and look around in your charity shops, you will do a good course for buying something there, get books out from your library, so you don’t have to spend so much and you can bring it back to. Look on the internet, look on the how to’s on YouTube.

So you are going to do this everyday for one month, try to stick to it, it can be tricky and don’t worry if you miss days, get back on the horse! If you really hate it, than stop! Find another hobby. Have a reasonable limited of a time you do your hobby, it no point doing 10 minutes one day and 3 hours the next. I think 30 minutes to an hour is suitable time, but if you can only do 15 minutes than so be.  

You can start on the first of the month or do it when it suit you. Once you have done the month, it up to you if you want to carry on, and do it everyday, or you may be free on a Tuesday so carry it on then, or simple stop. Then you find another hobby if want to do another challenge. It all down to you. And no one should judge you on your likes and dislikes of hobbies, and you, yourself will be amazing on what things you will find and be able to do.

Please let me know what hobby you have took or take and if your enjoying them, is it relaxing and so on. 

Thanks for reading. Take care. 

“Me time”

Take a break! ok this not mean go on holiday, before you even think of booking that week away in the winter of 2016 or in summer 2017, but if you want to than go ahead. Who stopping you.Life can be a lot, just like being in that deep sea with depression. We need that break whether it is 5 minutes to a longer time.

“I can’t take a break I’m so busy?” Yes of course, with family, friend, work, school college and university and so more much.

Give your self that 5 minutes whether that be after you put your child/ren to bed, or once you have fed your dogs.

It’s fine to put others before yourself and it’s fine to put yourself first as well.

Of course those have child/ren and pets need their meals and drinks, their education ( your dog may not need education like children but they need dog training) and their bedtime and morning routine.

Of course you need to work, paid for the bills, and feed your family and so on.

I’m not asking you to stop everything that you do, but to look at your “life” schedule, and see where you could fit “me time”. If you have me time than your on a good plan, make sure your balance with everything else in your life.

In “me time” this not mean do nothing and be bored, but if you want to do nothing be my guess. You may get bored!

So in “me time” is your time to relax, enjoy and be free.  

Thanks for reading. Take care. 

The scary sea

I like talk a little bit about depression the stage 4 on grief process.

Image your at a sea, the sea represent depression. Your on land looking around, there are beautiful scenery, it can be a little bit scary and stressful at time, you be a bit doubtful and so on, but you can cope. Then you have a look at the sea, so you dip your feet into the sea. It’s feels cold and you start to feel a bit sad. Before you know it, you are pulled into the sea. Yours head and shoulder are out and can see the land, but to far to reach. Then finally your deeper In the sea. Cold, weak, lost and pull down further! There no way of getting out, no longer you see the land.

This is how depression people feel when they are depressed. They feel like there’s no way out, that they not going to be happy, what’s the point. I push myself and I just seem to fail. Im worthless.
 All these and more different negative thoughts arise to our surface. Same with being in the deep sea, it can be dark, very scary place.  

Anyone can be sad and have a crapy day or even week, but normal we can bouncy back up. We all have our “good” days and our “bad” days.  But how do we cope on those crapy days? Can we get ourself out of the water?  

Of course the sea may not be scary place, but you may thinks caves could be scary, but anything could be a scary and daunting place or a safe and beautiful place. With depression your in that scary and daunting place and you feel like you can never get out.

Ask yourself this, if today was like your yesterday would You repeat it? There no right answers or wrong answers. Of course if you had horrible day yesterday, why would you want it again today? But if you had good day yesterday, maybe today you would like a better day today. Every day is a different day and not always we can predict how that day will go.

For now if your out of that scary sea, Have a look at those beautiful and scary scenery, go do the things you plan or just relax, whatever floats your boat. Have a look at the sea and dip your feet in the water it ok to be sad once in while. Just remember to not pull yourself In the sea. Take feet out and bring yourself to life. If you are in the scary sea, have you got out before? You can do it again. It take time, but there are people and yourself who will get you back to shore.

Thanks for reading take care. 

The lost soul

Everyone will in some point lose someone in their life, who ever may be i.e a family member, or a friend, or work member, anyone that you have/had connection with.  

Wether this is a death, or separation (divorce or no longer together) or people simple drift apart and gone there own way. Or saying goodbye to your old you.  

I’m going to talk about grief. It is expression of intensive of negative emotional.
There are five stages to grief, first stage is denial, firstly when we hear about death of a loved one or someone we known, we deny the reality of this situation, we do not want to hear at what has just happened. We bring up our shield and are overwhelm with emotions. The Second stage is anger and guilt after denial the death of a loved one. And reality actually kicks in. We feel angry and cross at situation and towards ourself to others are family, friends the professional I.e the doctors. We feel guilt that we can do things and so can others and this can make us angry. The third stage is if only! We ask ourself if only this would happen. What if we did this? Would this of change? And so on. The fourth stage is sadness, depression, and regret, we worry about how our live is going to go, and how things our changing quickly in some respect and slowly in other respect. We know have to live without their presents. The fifth stage is acceptance, and understanding what has happen, and we learning to cope and moving on and living our lives.  

  Grieve does not go way completely, I say that because we can find ways to deal with the process and there are in times of our life we go back to one of these stages feeling angry, guilt, the what’s if, depression. This does not mean we have forgotten them or we disown them in anyway when we live our lives. It’s simple mean we just living our life. Same as they would.

Anything that you done with this person could trigger your grief state, for example you may have gone on a certain holiday together, so there will be many different memory of you both being on that holiday. So think of all the things you have done on that holiday together. What things did you do and see? Did you go more than once onto that holiday? How did you felt on holiday? It ok if there was a day you got annoyed with that person because they didn’t wash the plates! Silly as sounds, but we all be there. Everyone can be annoyed by someone or hate them to a certain standard but doesn’t mean you love them less for whatever reason that has been done. We all get a negative emotional by something or someone that done wrong and also have a positive emotional to that been done right.

By reminiscing on something like the holiday you done together, how are you feeling by remember those memory? Are you having a happy feeling about it, are you at peace with it, are you at realisation that this has been your last holiday together, and so you feeling sad or do you feel angry or is there guilt. Where is your emotions to your memory with them?

I believe memory come to a great part to our grieving, because we reminisce when we did something with our loved ones, like the holiday, we have sense and realisation of that was the last, an end of era. And there no more. So we may be feeing guilt, we can go off on holiday and enjoy ourself, and of course you can! It normal to enjoy life. They did surely!

More one grief and way we deal and more later.. 

Thanks for read and take care to all.